We live hard times, times of conservative extremism, of brutal attacks against rights, of dismantling of education, health, science and environmental protection; times when hunger, unemployment, violence and famine are advancing. Times when they want to silence the drums of the terreiros and the sound of the maracás so that the only audible sounds are those of chainsaws, bullets and discouragement.

Times when every piece of fallen and burned forest, every thermoelectric plant turned on and every drilled oil well translates – in the language of global warming – into more severe droughts, more intense hurricanes and deadly heat waves. Times when greed poisons the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink and the soil we plant.

These are times when tractors and harvesters run over and kill indigenous people, women, black men and women, landless and homeless people, LGBTQIA+, youngsters, traditional populations, workers and people with disabilities. Times when the Earth is sacrificed on the altar of capitalism.

In Brazil, the situation was bad before the 2016 coup. It became disastrous after it. And now, catastrophic, with the arrival of a fascist, genocidal and ecocidal to the Presidency of the Republic. After five centuries of historical exploitation, oppression, ethnocide, colonization, racism, denial of the rights of our Indigenous Peoples and Peoples originate from Africa, we find ourselves in a situation of total emergency: a climatic, ecological, sanitary, social, economic and civilizational emergency.

But there is resistance! Alongside several oppressed sectors, the Indigenous Peoples have been at the forefront of combating this unsustainable model. In the rhythm of the maraca, they bring their bodies and spirits to an epic and ancestral battle to prevent the sky from falling!

There is a new project of world that has been offered by the Original Peoples, true guardians of the Planet. It is a project to decolonize Life and open the way to a society of happiness and love, of well-being, of affection. A reencounter based on a new energy matrix, of the rights of nature as opposed to the destroyed earth dystopia, of climate collapse.

It is with this spirit of fighting for Mother Earth, for the future of young people, children, animals and the generations to come, that we now need the Bancada do Cocar (Cocar representatives).

You are being invited to join this journey! This is a special call for the youth who will live in this new world and all supporters of the indigenous and environmental causes! The time is now. Let’s walk together!

It’s time to retake the politics, because Brazil is an Indigenous Land!


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